About Me


I appreciate you coming to visit and I hope I can help you find that piece you have been missing in your life.  I didn't realize how much control I had of my situation and I imagine you may feel the same.

I have been a lot things already in my life.  A lot of them at the same time.  Every version of me changes as I grow and while it hasn't always been pretty and I haven't always been proud of who I was, it is now my mission to be the best version of me for not only myself but for my family and friends.

This was not always the way.  I was coasting and maintaining a series of habits that left me feeling unsatisfied with life, negative, cynical, unmotivated and like somehow I was a victim.  I felt like I didn't have to be responsible for my outcome and that it was just going to fix itself.  Through some personal choices and development, I have challenged the person I used to be.  I have allowed myself to remove an old toxic mindset and to embrace the kinds of things that make me feel good, happy and fulfilled.  

Working construction and as a volunteer firefighter, I believed that I had to be tough and fix it myself.  True toughness is admitting that we need help and then helping others.  It is with this toughness and my vulnerability that I share my story, my thoughts and my experience for that person like who I used to be. The person too good for self-help and personal development.  The person that knows everything.  The person too stubborn to do things differently than they are used to.  The person that needed help.

I can't change the past but I can control what I do right now and so can you!

Let's go!