From my speech at my book launch and radio interviews to my youtube and tiktok channels, I have showcased some of my most popular videos.

These videos are a sample of the conversations that I have on my podcast guest appearances and my live workshops.

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  • Self-Help Yourself

    Mentors and coaches are very important and a key to your growth but you need to be able to commit to yourself first. If you don't want something bad enough, no external person can push you to do it. Besides, you have to realize first that you aren't happy where you are and then decide to start working on it. You may not even realize yet that there is a problen. This all comes from inside your own mind.

    Focus on what you want and then a mentor can help you get what you need to keep going.

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  • GDM - Disclaimer

    There is no pedestal. This is my life. I hope you may be inspired and may come on this wellness journey with me.

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  • Interview on Move 98.9

    April 2023

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  • Cool 100 Radio Interview With Lewis & Mackay

    Sep 21, 2022

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  • First look: books have officially arrived!

    Opening the boxes with my family

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  • Speech at my book launch about why I wrote it

    September 2022

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  • Books have arrived at Chapters and Indigo!

    My family helps me find my books

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  • Be Patient!

    It's hard to get started. No matter what, you have to keep going!

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  • Take Responsibility!

    It was never going to work until I took responsibility for who and what I had become. The person I was and the excuses I used to maintain that person, and that mindset, deserved better. And so do you!

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  • Coasting...

    This is no time to coast. 2023 is not over yet and you still have things you want to get finished. How good will you feel in January if you had a month of progress already.

    Let's go!

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  • Own Your Wellness Show

    Whether you're considering a break from alcohol or a long-term change, it's a decision that can lead to better physical and mental health, improved sleep, and increased energy. Join us as we discuss the benefits, challenges, and strategies for quitting drinking and embarking on a healthier path to wellness.

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  • Non-Negotiables

    Habits become routines. Routines become non-negotiable. You have to get started before you can set anything in stone.

    Why not now?

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  • Do Better, Be Better

    In our development, we can get stuck in our ways just the same as we used to be. As we learn new tactics, new content, new perspectives, it is important that we continue to grow. One answer is never the only answer.

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  • New Year's Resolutions

    Let's make New Year's Resolutions. But let's mean it this time!

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  • Resolutions - Second start

    Hopefully your resolutions are going well already. If not, come with me. It can be a lot of pressure to get started with everyone else. Now it's time to do it for yourself. Let's start small and let's get going!

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  • Choices

    It's always our choice. Make better ones... 

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  • Change can be hard. That doesn't mean you can't do it.

    I feel funny without my hat. I'm here for you as much as I am for me.

    Nobody is telling you what to do. I wouldn't have listened either...

    You can change as soon as you want to. Trust me!

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  • Push-up Challenge

    It's not weak to do a modified exercise. You need to work your way up. I couldn't do a full push-up.

    Now I'm up to 5. That's progress. Even if most of them are modified and from my knees, I'm doing way more than I would have before. Have to start somewhere...

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  • Stay positive, Keep going!

    There will always be those people that try and bring you down. Tune out the negativity and keep going. You've got this!

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